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  2. Take full responsibility for the work we undertake
  3. Provide honest, expert advice based on our years of experience
  4. Help reduce risks in your business
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HK Patel
E-Business Strategist & Consultant
HK is a highly regarded E-Business Consultant and known for his strategic imagination and process-driven approach in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression, has successfully led web solutions and marketing engagements for a variety of clients.

For 15 years, he has applied his expertise in the areas of website planning & strategy, web development, E-Commerce solutions and online marketing in a variety of verticals.

He is passionate about how to utilize the digital medium in a right way to your organization and take them to the next level.

He lives in Morden, MB with a small family, wife and son. In a free time, he loves cooking of different dishes and helping his son making of creative arts & crafts.



When you are planning for a new website, web application or marketing strategy, lot of thoughts rumble in your mind. We love to talk with you and answers to all your queries about cost estimation, duration, technology selection, online marketing strategy, information architecture, design concepts and content placements.


75% of consumers prefer a mobile-friendly site. It is important to optimize your website effectively for all devices, screens and platforms. We design websites and applications allow for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of scrolling, panning and resizing. We remains consistent and tailored user experience, no need to zoom but scalable from any corner.


You plan for a website for your end users. They must be interact with your website or application fast, easy and self-guided. We do user research and analyze how your audience engage with web applications in your industry when planning for your website design and development. We also look at your audience age groups, gender, demography and interests.


We have over 15 years of experience in SEO, online marketing and web development services. During our tenure, we have analyzed 100s of websites having critical problems in search engine traffic and website conversions. We have studied UX, marketing campaigns and analytics data in every industry which help us planning & execute the strategy effectively.


Search engines are the natural ways and most preferred choice of users to find you. When your website is not launched without SEO, indirectly you are offering a privilege to your competitors getting your customers. During website designing and development phase, we cover all essential SEO settings ensuring your site get relevant traffic from the day it launch.


We stay with you by offering paralleled technical and marketing support when you require. We set top-priority for our existing customers to resolve their any queries. We don't offer a premium rates for immediate assistance and support. Periodically we update you about version upgrades, routine maintenance and security checks.

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